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1. What Wildlife Management Districts does Maine Trophy Moose operate in? 

WMDs 8, 3,4, & 6.  Apply for districts in that order.  Please go to my "District & Season Info" page for more complete descriptions.

2.  How many moose hunting permits are there annually in Maine?

2,740 for 2016, and they are split up between 22 Wildlife Management Districts ("WMD").  Some WMDs have just "Bull Only Permits" ("BOP"); some include "Antlerless Only Permits ("AOP") as well.

3.  How do I get a Maine Moose Permit?

You enter a drawing held by the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, or submit a sealed bid for one of ten moose permits awarded through the Maine Moose Auction.  Click here for more auction info.

4.  Can non-residents apply for moose permits?

Yes, by law, ten percent (10%) of the permits for each WMD go to non-resident applicants. The non-resident pool is separate from the resident pool, i.e. a completely separate drawing.

5.  How do I apply?

 You can apply on-line at .  Maine F&W will no longer send out paper applications. At the F&W website, click on the moose. Contact me if you want a paper application. Click on my "Districts & Seasons" page to get my recommendations.

6.  When do I need to apply?

You can start sometime in early February, and the deadline for online entry is in mid-May. Paper application deadline is postmarked April 1st.

7.  How much is the application fee?

2016 rates: One chance for a non-resident is $15.00; three chances are $25.00; six are $35.00; and ten chance groups are $55.00, and quantity is unlimited when purchased in groups of ten.  For example:  50 chances are $275.00; five 10 chance groups times $55 = $275.00.  Only non-residents can buy unlimited chances. If you are not picked, you get no money back.


8.  When is the drawing?

June 11, 2016.  Results are posted on the Maine Fish & Wildlife website, usually by 8:30 PM.


9. What are my odds of being selected?

Not good, but getting better. The non-resident pool has dropped from around 19,000 applicants to about 15,000 applicants. Resident applications are way down too.

10.  How much is a non-resident moose permit?

$585.00, and it is not due until after the drawing.

11.  How much is a non-resident Maine Big Game Hunting License?

$116.00, and you needn't buy one unless you are selected for a moose permit and choose to accept it.


12. What if I hunt only with a bow? 

You don't need the Big Game License, but you need an Archery License ($74.00).

13.  Do my odds of being picked increase or decrease according to my WMD choices?


14. Is designating a sub-permittee required?

No. Having a sub-permittee is merely an option that promotes increased participation in the drawing, and a subsequent increase in income for the Fish & Wildlife Department. PLEASE read #7 on my menu page entitled "Increasing Trophy Odds".


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