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1. What Wildlife Management Districts does Maine Trophy Moose operate in? 

WMDs 8, 4, 3, & 6.  Apply for districts in that order.  Please go to my "District & Season Info" page for more complete descriptions.

2.  How many moose hunting permits are there annually in Maine?

Over 4,000 a year, and they are split up between 22 Wildlife Management Districts ("WMD").  Some WMDs have just "Bull Only Permits" ("BOP"); some include "Antlerless Only Permits ("AOP") as well.

3.  How do I get a Maine Moose Permit?

You enter a drawing held by the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, or submit a sealed bid for one of ten moose permits awarded through the Maine Moose Auction.  Click here for more auction info.

4.  Can non-residents apply for moose permits?

Yes, by law, ten percent (10%) of the permits for each WMD go to non-resident applicants. The non-resident pool is separate from the resident pool, i.e. a completely separate drawing.

5.  How do I apply?

 You can apply on-line at .  Maine F&W will no longer send out paper applications. At the F&W website, click on the moose. Contact me if you want a paper application. Click on my "Districts & Seasons" page to get my recommendations.

6.  When do I need to apply?

You can start around Feb. 1, and the deadline for online entry is in mid-May. Paper application deadline is postmarked April 1st.

7.  How much is the application fee?

2013 rates: One chance for a non-resident is $15.00; three chances are $25.00; six are $35.00; and ten chance groups are $55.00, and quantity is unlimited when purchased in groups of ten.  For example:  50 chances are $275.00; five 10 chance groups times $55 = $275.00.  Only non-residents can buy unlimited chances. If you are not picked, you get no money back.


8.  When is the drawing?

mid - June, 2014.  Results are posted on the Maine Fish & Wildlife website, usually by 9PM.


9. What are my odds of being selected?

Not good, but getting better. The non-resident pool has dropped from around 19,000 applicants to about 15,000 applicants in 2013. Resident applications are way down too.

10.  How much is a non-resident moose permit?

$585.00, and it is not due until after the drawing.

11.  How much is a non-resident Maine Big Game Hunting License?

$116.00, and you needn't buy one unless you are selected for a moose permit and choose to accept it.


12. What if I hunt only with a bow? 

You don't need the Big Game License, but you need an Archery License ($74.00).

13.  Do my odds of being picked increase or decrease according to my WMD choices?


14. Is designating a sub-permittee required?

No. Having a sub-permittee is merely an option that promotes increased participation in the drawing, and a subsequent increase in income for the Fish & Wildlife Department. PLEASE read #7 on my menu page entitled "Increasing Trophy Odds".


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